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Crypto Crystal Ball 2021 Review

1729.com asked to review the 2021 predictions for the crypto space compiled by Soona Amhaz.

The collected predictions are mostly interesting and made by even more interesting people. However I believe that most of them have little more than entertainment value due to the lack of accurately defined target conditions.

For example it is unclear how one would assess the following statements as fulfilled:

“Bitcoin continues to cross the chasm, deepening its institutional adoption along the “digital gold” narrative.” - Alok Vasudev


“The crypto industry will have a record year of consolidation as the M&A market heats up and fintech / banks scoop up crypto companies.” - Kinjal Shah


“2021 will be the year of decentralizing the stack. The critical protocols for decentralized APIs, oracles and storage are near production ready to support current Ethereum usage. Soon it will seem foolish and unsafe to run a dApp on centralized infrastructure.” - Eva Beylin

There are several good examples to take note from:

“We’ll see $100k BTC, $2k ETH, and a Coinbase IPO. Black swan perhaps one of the Grayscale products trades at a discount in 2nd half of 2021, but that’s a much smaller chance than the first three.” - Joey Krug


“EIP 1559 will be live by end of 2021. Total DEX trading volume in 2021 will break $1T.” - Clinton Bembry Jr.


“The bitcoin price: will go down will go up Buckle up!” - Amiti Uttarwar

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