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How to use an Apple Ethernet to USB Adapter on Windows 10

I recently had the pleasure of working on one of these barely configurable Internet modem/router devices that comes with the contract from your friendly ISP.

The goal was to configure a proper WLAN access point that I attached via Ethernet. To perform the necessary configuration I had to connect to the device via Ethernet as well.

My only available computer was a Windows 10 Tablet without a dedicated Ethernet port. Luckily I remembered my old Apple USB Ethernet Adapter that I had laying around somewhere.

The issue was that Windows does not have drivers for this device. It is not officially supported. Luckily thanks to the Internet I was able to learn that the chip was manufactured by a company called “Asix”.

On this page the driver can be found: https://www.asix.com.tw/en/product/USBEthernet/High-Speed_USB_Ethernet/AX88772C. The rest of the instructions from this post on StackExchange worked as described.

Also I learned that Apple still sells the adapter for $29 - 100Mb in 2021!